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 From as little as US$100, with a money-back guarantee!

What Do I Need?

Use our free checklist to see what you will require and if your retirement policy qualifies to be cashed out.

How Will E8 Assist Me?

Expatri8 is trusted by South Africans living all over the world to provide sensible, cost-effective solutions to cash out their retirement policies. Find out how!

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So you have made a decision to cash out your Retirement Annuity.  Receive a no-obligation quote customized to your specific requirements.

South Africans living in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, in Europe, and in many more countries worldwide have cashed in their Retirement Annuities themselves – without the risk or the expensive fees associated with using intermediaries.
How does it work?

We were told that our RA was too small to cash out (R25,000) because it would cost too much. This was complete nonsense, Claire helped us to get to get our funds out for a pittance compared to the other guys.

Andrea, NZ

"Simplified everything. Thanks Claire!”

– Mike (Australia)

“Thank you for saving me a fortune in getting my money out of Sanlam”

– Louis (CAN)

"Still a lot of red tape to deal with, but the instructions made it easy to follow. Well worth doing it myself.”

– Jonathan (US)

"Much cheaper than what was quoted by other companies. Still a pain to deal with all the forms, but Claire was wonderfully supportive.”

– Gawie & Susanna (UK)

" It was a pain to deal with ABSA and then our insurance companies took forever to release the money. But it all worked out in the end. Thanks Claire!"

– Wilna & Suzette (AUS)

" We had tried to cancel our annuities ourselves but got stuck with the red tape. My wife even flew back to SA to try to sort some stuff out whilst visiting family. Then a South African client of mine told us about Claire’s system. Awesome solution!"

– Gary (NZ)