Expatri8 is trusted by South Africans living all over the world to provide sensible, cost-effective solutions to cash out their retirement policies. It should not cost you a fortune to free your own hard-earned funds.

Service Providers

Our research indicates that approximately 75% of South African expatriates cash out their own policies by interacting directly with SA banks and insurance companies. It is safer and MUCH cheaper to cash out your own policies. However there a number of service providers that will do it for you – at a price. We discuss the pitfalls and benefits, and provide links to  a number of these middlemen for thos with deep enough pockets.

Retirement Annuities

What is an RA? How does it work? What are the restrictions? What does the law say, and what are your options?

More importantly: As an expat you can access the funds trapped in an RA back in SA, IN FULL (not only 1/3rd) AND AT ANY AGE (not only after 55). We discuss the mechanism and how we can assist, cost effectively.


We explain what pension funds are an how they work, we look at teh options available before retirement and after retirement, and we also explore how it may be possible to convert part of a pension – that may be in a Preservation fund – into an RA and then to cahs out this RA.

It all depends on each individual’s circumstances; what are yours?

Living Annuities

Living and Life annuities are products that allow for ongoing investment income from retirement savings. They are very restrictive investment vehicles, that leave few options to access the funds. We look at how they work and what options are available for the Expat with funds trapped in them.

Endowment Policies

South Africans abroad can simply and easily surrender their endowment policies as long as they have not been ceded to a bank (in which case the ceding will require cancellation before funds can be released). We look at the mechanism, which is a really simple affair.

Life Policies

A Life Policy is a contract with an insurance company that offers a death benefit (lump sum payment) to the beneficiaries of the insured in exchange for monthly premiums. We discuss how they work in practice.