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As a trusted resource service for Expats, we’re ready help you to cash out your own Retirement Annuity.

Individual Toolkits are customized according to your personal circumstances and requirements. We therefore need some basic information to allow us to calculate the cost and then to prepare the 6 parts that make up the E8 Toolkit. Our pricing is based on a combination of the number of pathways (institutional interactions on your roadmap) and the number of documents involved in each interaction. ( Dont know which policies you own? )

Therefore, in order for us to provide a quotation, please complete the simple questionnaire below by clicking on the correct boxes. This will give us an understanding of which bank and insurer(s) we need to prepare for, and if there are specific areas where alternative solutions may have to be provided. Please note that we ask for no personal detail other than your full names (which will appear on all the forms). Your identity and financial information remains private – as it always should.